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SketchFactor is a community-driven navigation app that gets you where you need to go on foot.


SketchFactor Goes to Play

Sketchy app you've heard of is now available on Google Play Store

October 21, 2014. NY, NY. SketchFactor, the community-driven navigation app that helps you discover cities on foot, is now available on Google Play

Following its launch on the iPhone’s App Store in August and Amazon’s Android Appstore earlier this month, the sketchy team is at it again. Available across the US on all major platforms, SketchFactor is taking cities by storm.

“It’s an exciting time for SketchFactor -- we've had over 10,000 stories shared on our platform in just two months,” remarked the app’s CEO and Co-Founder Allison McGuire. “A wider audience now has access to the app via the Google Play Store and we're eager to hear their sketchy reports.”

SketchFactor empowers people to pinpoint exact moments of sketchiness, be it a bizarre discovery, strange encounter, or something more dangerous, like a hazard or crime. 

“We recently explored Seattle—a place we’d never been to—and used SketchFactor to guide our tour of the city,” Daniel Herrington, SketchFactor CTO and Co-Founder explained. 

“It was uncanny how specific the app was. There was one street corner we were warned about via the app—it turns out that corner was the site of a drug drop. Now we, as visitors, and locals knew to avoid that street when walking downtown.”

Download the app today here: Google Play


Allison McGuire

Co-Founder & CEO, SketchFactor

(888) 275-2711


SketchFactor Arrives in the Amazon Appstore

SketchFactor, a community-driven navigation app, goes live with a one-week Android exclusive on Amazon’s Appstore today

October 13, 2014. NY, NY. The app relies on you sharing sketchy moments and public data like crime and 311 reports to get you where you need to go on foot. 

SketchFactor is one of the featured apps in the Amazon Appstore

Whether you’re exploring your own city or traveling to someplace new, be sure to check out SketchFactor before you embark on your journey.

“We’re delighted to be a featured app in the Amazon Appstore and to launch our Android version exclusively on Amazon Appstore,” remarked SketchFactor Co-Founder and CEO Allison McGuire. “With this app, we’re empowering walkers with the information they need to explore cities on their terms.”

“The sketchy navigation app provides an innovative travel experience for customers,” said Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Amazon Appstore.  “We’re thrilled that SketchFactor has provided their app as an Android exclusive to the Amazon Appstore.”  

SketchFactor enables you to pinpoint sketchy—weird, dangerous, or tips—experiences, vote on others’ stories, and get walking directions. 

Instead of heat mapping large data sets like crime, painting large parts of cities as “bad” or “good”, SketchFactor pinpoints the exact street, alley, or corner where sketchiness occurs.

“We were hoping to get 10,000 users in three months. We got 60,000 downloads in four days. We’ve been completely blown away by the response,” noted SketchFactor Co-Founder and CTO Daniel Herrington.

SketchFactor reporters share stories that range from the serious to the downright bizarre. App users rate their experiences on a SketchFactor scale of 1 - 5, 5 being the most sketchy. 

Some SketchFactor stories around the US:

Commerce, TX: “Ducks here are ruthless. They will stop at nothing to get your bread. Watch out for these weird ass turkey-duck things too. They do this weird head bob thing and sound like they have asthma. Bad area.”

San Francisco, CA: “Saw a man beaten and mugged. Scary and violent. Lots of people on the street but no one seemed to care. This street is fine in daytime. But avoid in evening.”

New York, NY: “Google Maps will tell you to walk down this street. Don’t do it! It’s like walking down the highway. Take a longer stroll through Central Park. Much nicer.”

SketchFactor is available on the Amazon Appstore and iPhone’s App Store. It is forthcoming to Google Play.


SketchFactor is a community-driven navigation app that uses crowdsourcing and publicly available data to get people where they need to go on foot.



Allison McGuire, Co-Founder & CEO, SketchFactor

(888) 275-2711

How do I use the SketchFactor app?

Check out the tutorial screens below, which will walk you through the app.

Rules of the Road

SketchFactor empowers you with more information to make smart choices while navigating through cities on foot. 

  • Enjoy the app. Report and read sketchy stories, and navigate to where you need to go. 
  • Be respectful. Don’t use hateful or prejudiced speech. Not cool and not allowed.
  • Be responsible. You are responsible for your content. Some people see reporting sketch as sharing dangerous experiences, others think of it as relaying weird incidents. All stories are welcome.
  • Be realistic. SketchFactor is an app. We can’t prevent you from encountering harm.
  • Be street smart. Looking at your phone while on the street or on public transit can cause you to be a target of smartphone theft. When you are navigating through cities--be it your hometown, work trip, or vacation destination--be aware of your surroundings. 
  • Be safe. If you have encountered an unsafe situation, wait until you are in a safe place before reporting the incident to SketchFactor or proper authorities. SketchFactor is a private company, unaffiliated with any police, government, or institution. We are not a substitution for calling 911.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SketchFactor?

We're a navigation app that relies on crowdsourced experiences and public data. We're exclusively focused on improving city exploration on foot. SketchFactor empowers users to report sketchy experiences, read sketchy incidents, and get directions to where they need to go.

What does sketchy mean?

Sketchy means a number of different things. To you, it may mean dangerous. To someone else, it may mean weird. 

What can I report?

You can report any sketchy incident you see fit.

What about the racial and class implications? Doesn't this harm communities?

SketchFactor is a tool that can be used anywhere at any time by anyone. The app is not exclusive to privileged communities or tourists. Many of our users experience racial profiling, police misconduct, and harassment. We encourage all users to report this information. In addition, we partner with community organizations to ensure all members of the community have access to this app. 

My organization wants to get involved with SketchFactor. How do we do that?

Contact us through the app for more information about partnership.

What if I read a report that offends me? 

Downvote it! 

What if I read a report that amuses me?

Upvote it!

How long do sketch reports stay on the map?

About 1 year. Once a year has passed, we retire the data to our analytics process. You can see how recent a report is based on the Just Now, Recently, and A Long Time Ago icons visible on the sketch reports.

Downvoted reports for offensive or spam reasons will be removed from the app. The reporting user may be banned.

App Misuse and Abuse

SketchFactor is intended to be used as a fun community empowerment tool. You can report sketchy incidents as they happen, but do be aware that other users' experiences do not reflect your experiences. If you see a report that is offensive, spam, or otherwise unhelpful, downvote it. For example, if someone reports a rat sighting, and you live in NY, you may not find that sketchy. 

Any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise discriminatory posts will be deleted. One exception: if the user is referring to an incident where they were the target of a discriminatory experience, by all means, share the nitty gritty detail.

Media & Press

Please contact us through the app for more information.

Tech Support

If you are having technical problems with our app, please use the form below to submit your issue. We'll address it just as soon as we can.